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Purchasing life insurance is the most generous act you would ever do for your family. And, identifying the right policy for you from your desktop computer or mobile phone, without paying any upfront charges to make the search for the best rates and features can turn out to be the best decision you could ever take.

PolicyAdvisor.com ReviewMost Canadians don’t prioritize life insurance due to either its huge charges or the ever-lasting application process. However, PolicyAdvisor.com has come up as a quick, easy and efficient digital life insurance platform.

What is PolicyAdvisor.com?

PolicyAdvisor.com is a modern digital life insurance brokerage firm. It has collaborated with 20 of the largest life insurance providers in Canada. Further, using the latest technology tools, intuitive designs, and real-world competence, PolicyAdvisor.com provides an effortless buying experience for its site visitors.

Customers find PolicyAdvisor.com the best alternative for choosing their insurance. So, they can connect with several insurance providers and plans under one roof. That is to say, PolicyAdvisor.com is an autonomous broker, providing free services to its clients.

NOTE: Presently, PolicyAdvisor.com is accessible only in Ontario, Manitoba and Alberta.

What Kind of Insurance Products are Offered?

There are a variety of insurance products offered by PolicyAdvisor.com other than life insurance. Let’s get a quick overview of all the insurance types:

Life Insurance
PolicyAdvisor.com provides quotes and fulfillment for two kinds of life insurances. Firstly, Term Life Insurance, which is for a pre-specified duration only. Secondly, Whole Life Insurance, an insurance that doesn’t lapse.
Life Insurance is accessible to most individuals, including the older and those with serious health problems, at a cheaper rate than expected. If you are among the ones who have family members relying on you for financial support, then buying this one is a must.

Critical Life Insurance
Critical Illness Insurance is a contract between a policy holder and an insurance provider specifying the one-time lump-sum payout to be paid to the applicant who is diagnosed with severe illness (as covered in the policy). Such critical illnesses include:

    • Multiple sclerosis (MS)
    • Cancer
    • Stroke
    • Heart attack
    • Kidney failure

Likewise, some products can have about 25 or more diseases covered.

Mortgage Protection
Mortgage life insurance enables you to cover your mortgage debt by term life insurance. Contrarily, Term Life Insurance will counterpart the length of the amortization period of your mortgage. Its payment includes the amount of mortgage you owe. Thus, if you want to secure your home for your dependent financially, this will be the ideal option in the event of your death.

Disability Insurance
Disability insurance gives you coverage against lost earnings if you become disabled because of an accident or illness. Meanwhile, this insurance makes monthly payments for both employed and self-employed. However, it ceases if/when the applicant resumes working or is entirely healed, whichever of the two comes first.

How does PolicyAdvisor.com Work?
PolicyAdvisor.com searches for the most relevant policy for you elicited from your situation. Nevertheless, if you have a hard time deciding, you can browse the advice articles on PolicyAdvisor.com, or access their comparison tools. Additionally, you can chat for suggestions with one of their top insurance brokers.

Firstly, the PolicyAdvisor.com directs you to fill out a short questionnaire that includes:

    • Gender
    • Date of Birth
    • Smoking habits
    • Postal CodeResident/Non-resident of Canada

PolicyAdvisor.com will ask you a few other questions based on your coverage, the premium that you are ready to pay, your lifestyle, and your health. Next, you will receive a list of deals that you can choose from after your information is reviewed. At last, to tailor and finalize all of the agreements, you can also talk to a broker.

One of the key benefits of using PolicyAdvisor.com is that using the platform does not require any costs. Thus, it is free to find the best life insurance. However, PolicyAdvisor.com is a complimentary service. The price you pay for your policy depends ultimately on your:

    • Age
    • Gender
    • Lifestyle
    • Job
    • Your and family’s health
    • The policy you choose

Is it safe to use PolicyAdvisor.com?
PolicyAdvisor.com gives priority to the protection of consumers. In addition, it has many safety measures in place, including:

    • 256-bit encryption
    • Password Protected Logins
    • Time-sensitive authentication
    • Data privacy


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