LawDepot Review

LawDepot provides customized legal documents
within just a few minutes.


TLawDepothe idea is to decrease the cost of legal fees through the use of proprietary software to prepare legal documents. The company was established in 2001, with a promissory note being the first documentation offered. The document became so popular, LawDepot expanded to meet the needs of the public.

LawDepot offers affordable, easily accessible, and safe legal contracts and documents for real-life situations. More than 150 document templates are offered including lending money, establishing a business, managing properties and protecting estates. In addition to templates, custom legal agreements and documents can be created. The templates are created by an experienced legal team of professionals. These individuals have practised law in numerous countries across the globe. LawDepot employs a professional staff of writers to work with the legal team. The result is the maintenance of a library filled with resources and templates enabling the navigation of numerous personal legal issues.


How is LawDepot Used?

The first step is answering some questions for creating and editing legal documents. The document can be printed, saved or shared for professional or legal use.

NOTE: The documents are appropriate for all Canadian, US, UK and Ireland states and provinces. 

According to the official website, the process eliminates expensive legal fees by providing current and accurate documents. Depending on the location of the company or individual, legal libraries are available for:

• Family
• Business
• Estates and wills
• Financial
• Real estate

There are numerous miscellaneous documents also available including free legal forms, free legal documents, custom legal agreements and legal contracts. The service is available in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and Ireland. A team of attorneys prepares the legal documents for each country. A lot of the forms are simple, but without LawDepot an attorney is often necessary.

Creating an Account with LawDepot

In order to access free legal forms and free legal documents, an account must be created. To ensure the safety of the users, the process for saving and printing documents is encrypted. The process is simple, requiring a password and a valid email address. To continue with the process, a PayPal account or credit card number is required. Create a free account with LawDepot

Filling Out the Paperwork

LawDepot offers a wide variety of forms. The correct forms are dependant on the country selected by the user. Once the desired form is located, the document is chosen by a click of the mouse. The site than transports the user to the form generator. This is where information is collected. The process for each document is different. In most cases, the user enters their full name, state and city.

The chosen form will ask the user for all necessary information. For property divisions, the number and description of all gifts are required. The main and alternate recipients are then requested. For a last will and testament, executors and backup executors must be entered. The form will then request details about the user’s children. Each document must be signed.

Saving and Printing Documents

Once all the information has been received, this portion of the process is complete. The next step is saving and printing the document. Prior to proceeding, acquiring a license is required by LawDepot. Once the button marked Get the License is clicked, the user has the choice of a paid or free license.

The next option is deciding between purchasing the document outright, or accepting a free trial for one week. Selecting an option to save, print or download the document is important. If the user does not make a selection, everything completed regarding the document will be lost.

Education Resources

The average business or consumer does not understand the law nearly as well as an attorney. Numerous users are interested in receiving information for an overview of certain legal topics. For this reason, LawDepot created an exceptional blog covering topics including personal, business. finance, real estate and family. The importance of each document is explained extremely well.

LawDepot also explains when these specific documents should be used. For individuals with a preference for a FAQ section, LawDepot has created a detailed and thorough section. Answers to questions pertaining to the most frequently used documents can be answered easily. If the question is regarding a more obscure document, the user has the option of contacting the customer service department.

Customer Service

LawDepot provides four different options for customer service. These are phone support, live chat, email support, and a FAQ section available on the official website. There are hundreds of reviews currently available for LawDepot. According to the majority of these reviews, the customer service representatives are professional, knowledgeable and well informed. The customer service team is small, willing to work with clients directly, and can answer any questions regarding the LawDepot website.


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The Cost of LawDepot

LawDepot offers a trial subscription for free to provide users with full access to the document library. The free trial is for a period of seven days. Customers are able to create, print and download as many of an unlimited selection of documents as they need. A credit card is required for accessing the free trial. If the account is not cancelled by the end of the free trial, membership for one month will be charged automatically.

According to the LawDepot website, this is important to provide customers with uninterrupted document access. If the user decides they want the automatic membership, their license can be renewed every month. The customer must cancel their membership to stop future charges. The annual license is the One Year Pro. Purchasing this license can save customers more than 75 percent on monthly charges.

The price is $95.88 with automatic renewal. If the customer does not want to renew for another year, the membership must be cancelled to prevent automatic renewal. There are different pricing options for monthly and yearly subscriptions. A yearly subscription costs $7.99 per month including creating and printing unlimited documents. Although unlimited creating and printing are included with monthly subscriptions, the cost is $33 per month.

Both monthly and yearly subscriptions can be cancelled at any time. The cost of the a la carte option is between $10 and $49 per month. This is dependent on the type of document, and how often the document is accessed.


Subscriptions can be cancelled by customers at any time. There is currently no published refund policy available for LawDepot. All requests for refunds are handled by customer service representatives by phone, email or live chat during business hours. According to numerous user reviews, if the trial period is not cancelled and the subscription renews automatically, a refund must be requested quickly to be honoured.

Several user reviews stated if a refund is not requested within a few days after renewal, LawDepot will deny the request. The best option is to keep track of the initial seven-day free trial. If the customer does not want to continue the service, the subscription can be canceled easily.

Money-Back Guarantee

LawDepot provides customers with a 50-day satisfaction guarantee. If the customer is not satisfied with the documents they received, LawDeopt will issue a refund upon notification. If any damage results due to errors within the documents, LawDepot will provide a maximum of $10,000 in compensation.

Data Shared by LawDepot

Customers must enter personal information for the customization of legal contracts and forms. For this reason, understanding how LawDepot uses this information is important. According to the privacy policy on the official website, personal details are only required to use the services provided by LawDepot. The data is stored on the website, but can be deleted by accessing the My Documents or My Account page.

The LawDepot website states personal information will not be sold, rented or traded with any third-parties. Personal information will only be released when requested by the authorities for the following.

• Court order
• Search warrant
• Subpoena
• Law
• Fraud investigation

Information can be shared with third parties if this service is requested by the customer. Only non-identifiable personal information is used including the most popular pages and documents, the number of unique visitors, and the number of customers. TLS or Transport Layer Security is used to protect the site. The encryption strength is a minimum of 128-bit.


Pros and Cons

The Pros

• Numerous good reviews
• Documents can be created online easily
• Variety of available packages
• Good customer Support
• Educational resources
• Money-Back Guarantee

The Cons

• Some reviews are poor
• The monthly Price
• Not enough legal information is available
• Questions about document accuracy

Final Word

The majority of customer reviews are positive. LawDepot provides an important service for individuals and businesses requiring specific documents. The company offers a wide selection of documents for numerous different countries. LawDepot offers excellent customer service with a variety of options. The documents provided are high-quality and legal.

Customers can save a lot of money by preparing their documents through LawDepot as opposed to retaining a lawyer. Both free legal forms and free documents are available through the site. LawDepot is offering documents most people will require at least once or twice during their lives.