Homewise Mortgage Solution Review

What is Homewise?

Homewise is a highly rated Canadian online mortgage broker. Homewise’s main goal is to find you the best mortgage options from over 30 banks and lenders in all Canadian provinces except Quebec.

Homewise Mortgage Broker ReviewWhy use a digital mortgage broker in Canada?
When shopping for a mortgage I, like most people want the best mortgage options possible. Among the many online mortgage brokers out there, Homewise is one of the highest rated digital mortgage brokers in Canada. (4.7 in Google) and well worth a closer look.


What is the application process with Homewise?
When you go to their website you are asked some basic questions which takes only about five minutes.  Then you will be set up with a personal advisor to guide you at each step. Their main goal is to help you, as a borrower get the best mortgage and provide unbiased advice. And you can do the entire process from home. One interesting feature is that they will help you understand the fine print lenders are famous for inserting into their mortgage agreements.

Is there a fee for applying for a mortgage with Homewise?
No. Homewise is a free online mortgage application tool that helps with purchase approval, pre-approval, refinance and switching lenders. Homewise is the go-to for all things mortgage-related, no matter what step you’re at in the process. You don’t need to make an appointment with the bank or call around to your mortgage broker. These days with COVID restriction this is a good thing indeed.

What does Homewise actually do?
Homewise is much like a traditional mortgage broker brought into the future. They do this by taking advantage of modern and smart technology to streamline the process – and search through all of our lender partners for the perfect fit for your mortgage/financing needs. Homewise will guide  you through a simple mortgage process, while also providing tools, content and information along the way to help you make an informed decision. Homewise works with users from first-time home buyers to seasoned home owners to help them get pre-approved, approved, switch or refinance their mortgage. From start to finish, they enable their users to get their best mortgage, while they do the heavy lifting (negotiation) with the lender for them. Making the process simple and easy.

What are the lenders Homewise work with?
Although they say they work with 30+ lenders to find you the best rate, there are some well know lenders that don’t deal with. It is our understanding that they don’t have an association with some of the main lender banks in Canada. If you really want to deal with, say your own bank – you would have to go to them and be prepared for a more involved application and approval process. The whole idea of Homewise is to make it simple and fast. Let them do the work for you!

Can Homewise save me thousands of dollars on my mortgage?
They have selected an inventory of lenders and partners to they can offer you different products at competitive rates. You choose the best of them. Getting a lower rate and more attractive terms than the average big bank will typically offer will save you thousands over the years of the mortgage. Your Homewise advisor will guide you through the process.

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