My Story

My story in a nutshell.

I wish I knew this stuff when I was younger and I had a job. I left employment in 1988 to go on my own. I have been flying solo ever since. Still do. While I did have a paycheck – I spent it all. Life was good. I had no thoughts whatsoever about retirement. None. It would never happen, and if id did – it was of no concern to me UNTIL I found myself at 65. OOPS!

While self-employed (custom programming and internet marketing) I had ups and downs. Some big downs, and some big ups. They evened out over the years. STILL – I did NOT save any money, NO RSSP nothing. Things would work out. Then I got lucky and sold some of my websites. At 65. That became my retirement plan. Very lucky indeed. Still, not a lot of money. Here’s the big statement: “IF ONLY…”

I love investing/trading and learning about the market. BUT – I did not (until recently) trade for retirement. I traded for fun and the challenge. And here I am, ready to share some of my lessons learned in the hope that someone – younger than me – will take a different approach. The earlier you start planning – the better you will be off when that day comes when there is little income. And the day WILL come – whether you are employed or an entrepreneur.

Who am I?

trading after retirementMy name is Ingvar Grimsmo. Born and raised in Norway – now living in Ontario, Canada. I am well past 65 and although I don’t have a “job”, I still work at my passions – investing and trading the market. For a long time I have been fascinated by the market – both equities and currencies – and have actively traded on and off. Just to be clear.. I have not made a fortune. No Ferrari in the garage.