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Ingvar's Trading ThoughtsPersonal thoughts, trading tips I find, or have had success with, and other stuff you might find interesting in your trading for retirement journey. Always learn and develop your own strategies. There is a lot of info on the web, not everything will work for you.


2020 Ends Now What?

2020 almost gone. Now what? Trading this year has been nothing but challenging and well, interesting. 2020 started reasonable normal. Most of us invested/traded as we have in the past, trusted our indicators and research to make reasonable trading decisions in...

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Automated Trading

How about algorithm trading? Much has been written about robots trading. It is the perfect thing... install a robot to do the analysis and trade. It takes away all the sitting in front of the screen and analyzing the charts/news/stock SEC filings and all that you need...

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How Much Can I Make Trading?

Thinking of trading the markets yourself? And wondering... can I beat the market? This is a complicated question but here are some thoughts: It depends on a couple of things: Your available capital The margins you get from your broker Your knowledge of the market and...

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Day Trading or Buy and Hold?

Many retired folks that manage their own portfolio buy stocks because they believe they will go up and up and up. So they sit on a dozen stocks, and might buy one or two as funds allow. They might sell the odd stock because it doesn't grow fast enough. This type of...

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How to Deal Will A String of Losses

On Monday last (January 29) the market took a correction down. This happens of course from time to time. If you stay on top of world events you might prepare for it. But the sad truth is, after all these years of hobby trading it has happened before, and it will...

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One Recurring Mistake in Trading

Getting losing trades is normal of course. Trick is to average a profit. You can be wrong 50% of the time as long as the winners are bigger than the losers. But when you lose a couple of trades - that happens - your mind starts to play with you. For me I start to...

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Surprises will happen in trading

I have a long position in Gold. This morning I checked and it was well in the money. Later when I sat down to trade it was well in the hole. 20 minutes later. Now, an hour later it is well in the money and going as expected. I think it will limit out today at a...

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Trading in Retirement – Basic Goals

Why trade in retirement? "You'd be amazed at the number of older people taking up trading," says Kevin Cook, an options strategist at in Chicago. "I think it's a combination of demographics and technology." For many retired traders the intellectual...

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Basic Money Management Tips

Don’t Confuse Day/Week/Month Trading with Gambling! This is a tough lesson to learn. I know. Trading can be very addictive. Some experts don’t see much difference between day trading and gambling. “Day trading should be looked at as entertainment, much like playing...

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Don’t fall for the seminar gurus..

One of the mistakes many people do when they retire, is to follow advice from some investment seminar when you know nothing about it. Happens over and over. Sounds too good to be true. Invest $80,000 in a currency program that will, hands off generate $4,000 a month....

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