A new poll, conducted by Goucher College and co-sponsored by the Baltimore Banner and WYPR showed that a majority of Maryland voters would support a referendum to legalize cannabis expected to appear on the November ballot.

Fifty-nine percent of voters said they would approve cannabis reform, while 34 percent said they would vote against it and seven percent said they remain undecided, according to the poll.

Voters also expressed that the state should expunge prior marijuana convictions if reform is enacted. The poll asked if respondents thought the state should “expunge the records of those charged with or convicted of marijuana use and/or possession.”

A hefty 62 percent of likely voters said the state should facilitate such cancellations in those circumstances, compared with 29 percent who said such records should not be expunged.

Additionally, the poll showed that: 53 percent of Republicans would vote against legalization on the ballot, while 42 percent of GOP voters would “check the box” to approve it, reported Marijuana Moment.

Democrats and Independents, on the other hand, are …

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