PND Capital Review

I have been following trading and investment scams for years. A new one popped up on Facebook today and I want to share my thoughts.

PND Capital ScamThe latest one is PND Capital, with a domain name Registered in April 2020. They claim an address in London, but from what I can see there is no such company at that address. On the site they claim they started in 2015 but the domain and ALL the reviews are from April 2020.

The site looks pretty well exactly like the last one I researched, Blue Trading.

Back a couple of years ago there was a company called Blue Trading. Fancy website. 8-12% prove returns a month. Long list of happy customers. Millions on deposit. One day they closed shop. Said they had a program error and all trades were lost. The site shut down and, well.. all gone. It was one in a series of scams like that apparently. The take it for what it is worth, close, take all the money and start a new one.

Stats of losses at Blue Trade Trading:

Count 165
Total balance before incident: €3,703,833
Total balance after incident: -€223,514
Total deposits: €2,395,012
Total withdrawals: €352,355

2.3 Million Euros they took.

Wait, there is more! Now the double dipping begins. The “fund recovery scam” starts. People post reviews on sites claiming they can get your money back. For a fee up front. All scams.

How this investment scam works:

Basically it is feeding on greed. Most self-traders lose money. SO they look for an easy solution. They see 8+% a month return and great reviews. They sign up and send money. The platform is fake. There is no trading going on at all. Trying to draw your funds results in endless excuses. Some do get some money back just to maintain some sort of credibility. It is amazing how they can set up shop and promote on FB and other places, write their own reviews and get people to buy in. Victims sees an incredible return each month, but it is all fake.

Lesson learned: If it is too good to be true it is. There are very good investment companies out there. Such as QUESTRADE.